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Project Information:

Project Flow


  • Schedule- Produce a Master Design and Construction Schedule showing duration, responsibility and precedence for major regulatory design, procurement and construction activities.
  • Management Procedures - Establish a framework for team meetings to be attended by representatives of the Architect/Engineer and other parties where needed.
  • Design - While working with the Client, produce an agreed upon set of construction documents, including technical drawings, diagrams and specifications.
  • Procurement - Identify and coordinate procurement of long-lead materials to ensure it is available when needed for installation in the project.
  • Permits - Obtain all necessary permits required by any authority having jurisdiction over the site.


  • Schedule - Develop a detailed construction schedule for all phases of the work.
  • Operations - Furnish all material and labor as required to build the project per the construction documents. Hold and document weekly meetings to review project status.
  • Quality Control - Provide daily on-site surveillance of the work. Coordinate the efforts of testing labs and Architect/Engineer where required.
  • Reporting Procedures - Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports documenting status of the work.
  • Punchlist - Prepare a punchlist in conjunction with the Client and Architect/Engineer and ensure all punchlist work is corrected.

Project Closeout

  • Occupany Schedule - During the construction phase, assist the client in developing a move-in plan and utilization schedule. Review mechanical and electrical systems for tie-in requirements.
  • Project Close-out - Forward to client all warranties, guarantees, operating and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.
  • Maintenance Program - Assist the client in establishing a program for Plant Operations and maintenance. Recommend maintenance programs for major building systems. Assist in the training of maintenance staff.
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